Asticou Azalea Gardens

Az Garden 2

this is an experience that is especially cool this time of year..  the Asticou Azalea Garden in Northeast Harbor, Maine.    I did not arrive here till the end of the first week in June last year, so I missed the peak for this garden..  Today was beautiful and clear,  and we were off and had plans to so some neat things.   A quick trip into Bar Harbor to do some errands and then the drive to Northeast to see the gardens…

the pics on the website are far better than mine.. but i will include some  of mine just the same.   I certainly appreciate the beauty of the flowers and plants, but like so much that we experience on Mt Desert Island, what really moves me is the  foresight and amazing effort that was put into creating and maintaining sites like this.    The same is said for so many of the trails that we hike, the carriage roads that we ride,  for Acadia Natioinal Park and all that it entails..   we are constantly reminded how fortunate we are to be here!    The sand garden is a particularly cool creation…


2 comments on “Asticou Azalea Gardens

  1. marymaryone says:

    Looks like the gardens are at peak. Once again, we are going to miss it. Oh well, there is always next year.

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