Is this the way it is supposed to work?

fire in the smoker

The smile faded once he turned around!   We were invited to our coworker’s site for pizza… very special pizza, made from with his own dough, with his own sauce, cooked in his outdoor smoker..   it was not going to be smoked… he just used the smoker because it was capable of reaching higher temps than the stove in his camper..   but…  apparently, there was a lot of fat and grease left inside from the last smoking activity.. and it caught fire… and we sent smoke drifting across the campground..  As I looked through the smokey haze in the forest,  I was reminded of what it must have looked like during a battle in the civil war ( or the war of northern aggression for those whose perspective is slightly different than mine)     The sad part of the story was that the pizza stone inside cracked due to the higher than intended temperature inside the smoker…   we ended up baking the pizzas in the camper stove, and they turned out just fine.. a real treat, even if dinner ended up being somewhat later than originally intended..    we were so stuffed with pizza that we made the very difficult decision to forego  smores…

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