Sargent and Penobscot – Acadia National Park

Sar Pen hike1

The same evening as the great smoker disaster ( not really)  we mentioned that we were planning on doing a hike the next day..  our hosts suggested  visiting the peaks of Sargent and Penobscot mountains.. in that order – one of their favorites…   The brief plan was to park at the  Jordon Pond House and hike along the pond ( west side)  towards the Bubbles…  much of this path is  a built up boardwalk that is intended to minimize the impact of hikers on the fragile shoreline..   it was here that we encountered the snake..   it looked a bit menacing, but it really just wanted to get off the path..   as fortune would have it,  the hikers coming towards us at that moment happened to be snake experts..  they quickly identified it as a male  king snake, and told us all about it, including the fact that its diet included other snakes..   ( but not people.. although it would not hesitate to bite if provoked!)

at the end of the pond, we began the somewhat steep ascent of Sargent Mountain .. Sar Pen hike 4

it was a great day for a hike..  but we picked a challenging one for our first outing of the season!     We stopped along the way to enjoy our lunch and then continued up, soon reaching the point where the trail intersects the carriage road.. Sar Pen hike3when you are cycling across this bridge, it somehow does not see nearly as awesome as this view from the trail…

Sar Pen hike5once above treeline,  we encountered some very pretty flowers..   dainty, but clearly hardy.. they must endure some rather harsh conditions during the winter!


Sar Pen hike6the views are rather rewarding… this is looking over to Penobscot from the summit of Sargent..  The Atlantic is beyond, with a few of the islands just off of Mt Desert – I believe that they are the Cranberry Islands…   maybe we will get a chance to visit them this season…   One of the highlights of doing this hike is that the vistas along the descent seem endless..   of course that means that we were rather exposed for an extended period of time..

Sar Pen hike7

Along the way from Sargent to Penobscot,  the trail dips down and passes  Sargent Pond.

Sar Pen hike8this is a view of Jordan pond from the summit of Penobscot..   at this point we were pretty hot, and we agreed that this would not be a hike we would want to do in mid-August!   we prefer the wooded trails at that time of the season..

We enjoyed the hike, and the views,  and it was a glorious day… one of the unintended, but appreciated benefits was that, following the hike,  we both had the best night’s sleep since our arrival in Maine!    jt


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