new job!

schooners in the morning

The one down side of spending half the year in Maine is that we have not yet figured out a way to bring our sailboat along with us.  So, I decided to become creative and see if I could land a part time job as crew on the local schooner… and it worked!   (somewhat to my surprise)   I happen to have spent at least 3 more decades on this earth compared with the rest of the crew – but so far, despite me looking dumbfounded on more than one occasion,  my crew mates have been gracious and forgiving!

One of the challenges is that I am only spending one day a week aboard  the Margaret Todd –  and even though we generally make three trips a day,  I could stand a little more repetition 🙂    … there is a lot to learn.. but it is a real pleasure to be on the water again.

boarding for a sunset sail

Here we are, boarding for a sunset cruise .. until last evening,   I needed at least 3 layers to be comfortable.. this particular night, I had 4 layers on, and I felt bad for the guy who was only wearing a t shirt!

foggy evening

Ran into a little fog on this particular cruise..   another chilly one, but it was beautiful despite the lack of a sunset ….    so now, in addition to living and working at the most beautiful campground ( mt desert campground)  ever,   I also get to sail on the only working 4 masted schooner in New England..  life is pretty good  🙂      jt


Living the Dream at Mount Desert Campground

I thought I would add a bit more about what life is like as a workamper…at least, what it has been like for us.   This is our second season at Mount Desert Campground, and it is the only campground that we have worked for, so our experience is somewhat limited..  but it sure has been sweet!

Our morning routine often finds us working on projects..  yesterday we rebuilt a tent platform  on B8 – directly across from our site..    every once in a while, you have to pause and look up from the hammering to appreciate the opportunity of working in such a beautiful place!

workamping 1this is what the job looked like after we had removed the old deck..  after loading the old boards on the trailer, we started laying the new ones…

workamping 2and this is what it looked like after we completed the job ( yes, we leave the ragged edge on purpose!)   not too long afterwards, a family showed up and set up their tent.. it turns out that their daughter was a student of my daughter’s at pre-school last year…  we are continually reminded of just how small the world is!   ( and how friendly campers are  🙂   )

sunset at our siteand, at the end of the day..  we get to relax with just a 30 second commute to our camper 🙂  I may have already posted this pic, but  i love it!   in fact, last night our co-workers showed up for a few games of corn hole..  lots of action and lots of laughs..  a great way to end the day…  jt

Bike ride around Eagle Lake

eagle lake 4Yesterday was the kind of day that just had to be enjoyed..  a nice breeze, plenty of sun, not too hot…  I spent the morning applying bleaching oil on the shed, and then,  we set off for a bike ride ..  Eagle lake is a short 5 – 10 minute drive from the camp ground..  It is a popular access point to the carriage roads of Acadia National Park.    Apparently, the folks in the pic thought that it was a great day for a ride too!    Janet was out once before, but this was our first ride together, so we planned on just doing the ride around Eagle Lake..   one might think that sounds like a nice, level path, but, in fact, as we have found with most bike rides on the island,  there are climbs and descents everywhere –  no such thing as a level ride here!    But it was totally enjoyable to be on our bikes and to view the lake through the trees as we rode.  eagle lake 3the carriage roads form a great network of routes to cycle ( or hike or ride horseback)   –  we are continually amazed at the resources that outdoor enthusiasts have available  here on Mount Desert Island..  there is always something to do!

eagle lake 2