Living the Dream at Mount Desert Campground

I thought I would add a bit more about what life is like as a workamper…at least, what it has been like for us.   This is our second season at Mount Desert Campground, and it is the only campground that we have worked for, so our experience is somewhat limited..  but it sure has been sweet!

Our morning routine often finds us working on projects..  yesterday we rebuilt a tent platform  on B8 – directly across from our site..    every once in a while, you have to pause and look up from the hammering to appreciate the opportunity of working in such a beautiful place!

workamping 1this is what the job looked like after we had removed the old deck..  after loading the old boards on the trailer, we started laying the new ones…

workamping 2and this is what it looked like after we completed the job ( yes, we leave the ragged edge on purpose!)   not too long afterwards, a family showed up and set up their tent.. it turns out that their daughter was a student of my daughter’s at pre-school last year…  we are continually reminded of just how small the world is!   ( and how friendly campers are  🙂   )

sunset at our siteand, at the end of the day..  we get to relax with just a 30 second commute to our camper 🙂  I may have already posted this pic, but  i love it!   in fact, last night our co-workers showed up for a few games of corn hole..  lots of action and lots of laughs..  a great way to end the day…  jt


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