Summer 2016 (where did it go?) part 1 – Mount Desert Campground


Once again, Janet and I had the opportunity to live, work and play on Mount Desert Island (Acadia National Park)  as members of the staff at Mount Desert Campground.   How did we get to the end of the season so fast?    Perhaps it has to do with age… so many folks have advised that life slips past at an ever increasing rate, especially after 50…  This certainly may play a role, particularly in my case as I quickly approach my 57th birthday.   But I suspect that it has more to do with the fact that, since our arrival at the end of April, our lives have been filled with spectacular visual stimulation, laughter and fellowship with friends and colleagues,  and opportunities to meet new people with interesting stories…  it has been a busy summer, and I have certainly ignored this blog, but, over the next few weeks, I plan on catching up.  This first segment had to do with the campground itself  –  a stunning piece of property on the shores of Somes Sound.   It is a privilege to be able to spend the entire season in Maine, and especially, to work and live here.   I encourage anyone thinking of planning a camping trip to Maine in 2017 to look us up..   and if you happen to stay here next year, stop by for a visit and a cup of tea at site B18!


a view looking across the road at site B7 with the sound just beyond..  this was taken just after I arrived at the end of April ( Janet joined me a couple of weeks later)

2-mdc-maya view of the sound and Sheep island from one of our waterfront sites… early May3-mdc-may

sites along our waterfront…  DownEast Magazine printed a special publication touting  100 best things about Mount Desert Island  ( part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Acadia National Park)     Our campground was recognized as having the 7 best campsites on the island…  that was pretty special!

4-mdc-mayanother view of our waterfront, taken from a campsite…5-mdc-july

another look at  sites B7 and B8.. Janet’s garden is well-established at this point.   Evening in the campground is such a special time…


one of our jobs is the check on the boats twice each week… usually early in the morning… the view from the docks is constantly changing…  this is looking out towards Somesville Harbor


taken the same morning… looking between our waterfront on the right and Sheep Island on the left with a glimpse of  The Lamb  ( a small rock ledge close by the docks)


Low tide in the evening..  The Lamb is pretty prominent at low tide!    the tidal range here is around 10 feet, give or take – even more dramatic around the full moon…


can’t quite get enough of the scene taken from the docks!   Sunsets here are often dramatic.

10-mdc-septView of the floats taken from site C25 ..   the dory has not been in the water for a number of years.  My son and I built is when he was a freshman in high school..  he is now 27 and about to be married…   I did some quick rehab on it and launched it with the plan of doing some more work on it next spring so that it will be in great shape for the 2017 season.    The Lamb takes a prominent spot in this photo..  approaching low tide.. near the end of the season  as we have already reduced the rental fleet of canoes and kayaks..


taken just this morning..   some of the trees are beginning to turn… pretty chilly morning at 32 degrees, but the sun warmed us up rather quickly, and we had a wonderful day working in the campground..  built two picnic tables,  cleaned sites,  built the framework for a new tent platform, cleaned up flower gardens,  removed tree debris after cutting down a tree..   all in a days work!

It was a great summer …  we plan on returning next year.  Unfortunately, some of our colleagues will be doing other things and will not be rejoining us… but we look forward to keeping out friendships alive..   and, we look forward to greeting our campground friends as they return during the 2017 season!    jt


2 comments on “Summer 2016 (where did it go?) part 1 – Mount Desert Campground

  1. itatmmc123 says:

    Heather and I still talk about sitting by your campfire with Matt and Celeste! What a great time. Unfortunately, it was too short of a trip. Acadia is incredible and I am jealous of your pictures!! – Rusty

    • lifeat6mph says:

      Rusty, thanks so much for taking the time to write… we had a wonderful second season.. Mathew and Celeste were back again, but they won’t be returning next year.. we are sad about that.. but, already, we can’t wait to get back to the island.. give our best to Heather and the family!

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