what could possibly be more important than continuing with my summer summary? A wedding!!


this is no ordinary hike..   we were climbing the path to Cathedral Ledge,  located in N Conway , NH .. the venue for my son’s wedding..   we took the easy way.   Erik and Liz started the trek up the face of the mountain 2 hours earlier …


they were not alone.. it is a popular destination for climbers.  last fall, Janet and I watched a show containing aerial photography of New Hampshire which featured Cathedral Ledge.  I told her that I would take her there..  little did I know that I would fulfill that promise in this way!

we beat them to the top 🙂wedding-step-mom-of-the-groomjanet at the top of Cathedral Ledge..


father of the groom  ( that would be me 🙂  )   also at the top of Cathedral Ledge..  it was a warm day.. particularly for mid-october!


not long after we made it to the top.. Liz and Erik topped out… is there really any other activity that demonstrates the level of trust that marriage requires?


Erik and his sister, Alison, enjoying a light moment before the ceremony..  to the left are our dear friends, Vicki and Chris who lent support to Anne and me when the kids were born and who are now colleagues of Erik at  the Holderness School..   how time flies!    to the right is Chris, brother of Liz  who magically got certified to perform the wedding.. how cool was that!


this is the spread for the pre-ceremony snack..  one can’t simply climb Cathedral Ledge,  to a swift change and then get married..   🙂wedding-10-riley-the-ring-bearer

this is Riley, the ring bearer dog..  how cooperative she is!


the ceremony..  what a beautiful spot to share such a meaningful time..


the new married, couple…  gotta love those boots!    we sure are lucky parents to have gained Liz as a daughter  in law…wedding-6-house

we soaked up as much NH beauty as possible..  this is the house where we all stayed.. located in  Jackson NH,  a center for cross country skiing.. from the porch we had a wonderful view of Mt Washington..


The day after the wedding, Liz, Erik, Janet, and I climbed Doublehead..   elevation 3054 feet… a short distance from where we stayed.. this is the view from on top..  it was quite a climb, but a beautiful day… and the view made every step worthwhile!


on the drive back to Hebron, NH we stopped by the swift river ..  this is a shot taken just before we turned onto the Kancamagus Highway..   a drive that one should not miss if you find yourself anywhere near the white mountains…


taken from one of the many turn outs along the  “Kanc” ..    this area is national forest.. lots of campgrounds  in the area, as well as the opportunity to do primitive camping for free…  what a great recreational resource!


we packed a lot into a long weekend..  finishing off by meeting Liz and Erik for breakfast on our last day..  after that,  Erik took us for a short walk behind their house, down to the banks of the Pemigewassit  River..    how fortunate that he recently discovered the joy of fly fishing..

And now we are on our way back to PA.. for a second time in a week..   maybe a couple days of easy living are in store, before we tackle the question of..  what next?


4 comments on “what could possibly be more important than continuing with my summer summary? A wedding!!

  1. marymaryone says:

    Congratulations. Looks like the type of wedding my youngest would plan.

  2. lifeat6mph says:

    maybe she has climbed at Cathedral Ledge?

  3. Nancy Sanderson says:

    I still love reading your blog and learning about your journeys Jason!

    • lifeat6mph says:

      thanks nancy! so nice to hear from you.. Harry told me that the Thanksgiving feast at the Vaida’s was very nice and that you were doing well.. best wishes for the Christmas season and for the new year as well.. jason

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