Summer 2016 (where did it go?) – part 3 – Acadia National Park


So much to explore.. we could spend years at this campground job and still not cover all of Acadia.  This is a shot from Otter Cove, along the loop road –  it was a great place for a picnic lunch 🙂



Hunter’s Beach –  the destination of  a combination bike ride and hike..  definitely a quieter spot, because you can’t just jump out of the car and be there!   worth the hike, for sure…


a view from the ocean path  which runs from Sand Beach to Otter Cove..  this tends to be one of the more crowded areas of the park.. awfully nice though on a foggy day…


view from Sand Beach..   typically one of the busiest places in the park.. but not on this evening..


it is always fun to ask campers who are returning from an early morning trip to Cadillac Mt if they happened to see anyone else up there for the sunrise… knowing full well, of course that there were probably 1500 other people with the same idea!    It was a challenge to find a parking spot the morning that we went up..  but it was worth doing once…


As an alternative,  you could hike the Precipice trail very early in the morning ( after it opens in mid August – it is typically closed during most of the summer due to nesting falcons)   we were the only ones in the parking lot the morning that we caught this photo..  I highly recommend this idea as long as there is no dew on the rocks..  the Precipice is not a trail to be on when it is wet!


view from Dorr Point.. Compass Harbor to the left..  Bar Harbor, out of site,  around the next point   and Bald Porcupine Island directly ahead…   This is the property where George Dorr had his home.   He is often referred to as the Father of Acadia, and his story is quite interesting..   the home no longer stands, but one can find parts of the foundation..    very nice short hike on the grounds…


Eagle Lake..  great access to the carriage trails.  we have not kayaked on the lake yet.. perhaps next season.   acadia-2016-10

we can’t say enough about the carriage trail system..  what a great resource for biking..  what we have found, however, is that the island is rather hilly, and that goes for the carriage trails.. seems that we are always on a grade.. flat sections are rare!


the Bubbles.. a classic shot taken from the shore of Jordan Pond near the Jordan Pond House..    our destination this day was the top of South Bubble.. the one closest to us..  we hiked around the east side of the pond.. then climbed the Bubble and then returned along the west side of the pond..  and then rewarded ourselves with soup and pop overs at the Jordan Pond House  🙂


view from the top of South Bubble..  the ascent was pretty steep..  very cool..  but you can access the top from the back on a less strenuous trail..   we followed that one on our way down.


A view of outer Frenchman Bay looking from the rear of Anemone Cave…   There are reasons that the park service has taken this hike off of the maps..   it can be dangerous..  very wet and slippery,   and this is all under water at high tide..    but, with some care, one can navigate the hazards and explore the shallow cave and cool tide pools…

Believe it or not, we have encountered folks at the campground who have said after their second day that they “did Acadia”  is there anything else to see on the island..    We have spent two seasons on the island, and we have barely scratched the surface!   But we do understand that the appeal is somewhat limited if your sense of adventure is to get off of the bus, snap a photo, and then return to the bus before you begin to sweat  🙂     If you decide to visit Acadia and you are campers..  be sure to check out  Mount Desert Campground.. you will not be disappointed..  and stop by to say hello.. we are at site B 18…

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