The Dreaming Chair

dreaming-chairThis chair has been in my life for as long as I can remember.  We recovered it a few years ago … that was the second time that it underwent a transformation.   It would be a challenge for me to describe the original material when the chair was in our house on East Broad street in Quakertown, but I am quite sure that spent time  sat on my mother’s lap in this chair as she read stories to me.   When we moved to Alan Lane, also in Quakertown,  my mother had the chair re -upolstered  with a  fabric that suggested a colonial theme.  It was during this time that I recall using the chair as my primary reading location..   I was young, and skinny, and I had a particular way of curling up with a book that would never work these days..  but I read and a dreamed, and I read some more..  I read sailing stories and dreamed that I would one day sail.  I read travel stories and dreamed that I would travel..  I read a lot!

About three weeks ago I sat in this chair, along with Sunny the cat who has laid claim to it, and read the most recent postings on ,  a site that lists jobs similar to the one that we have at Mount Desert Campground during the summer season.  I noted one that listed a job in Colorado which included housing.. just the ticket since our trailer is in Maine and we don’t have a truck that would pull it more than 10 feet!    I read the ad to Janet and she said.. ” give them a call”.  So I did.. and here we are, three weeks later, loving life at Glen Echo Resort  in the Poudre River Canyon, 40 or so miles outside of Fort Collins..   life is good!  ( especially when you have a wife who supports dreaming 🙂  )

Of course, it certainly helped that the owners were sympathetic to the idea of bringing Sunny along..  so now,  he is the Colorado Kitty..  and he actually did quite well along the way.   cat-in-loaded-carThis is Sunny,  in his little fort carved out  in the middle of all of the belongings that we could possibly stuff into our Subaru!

cat-n-the-motel This Sunny enjoying his first ever motel stay..  He actually did quite well considering his age of 15 years..   he has proven that cats can be flexible!


life on the road can be pretty good!

odometer-readingWe made the trip in three days of driving..  1,749.4 miles from our home in Bear Creek , PA

cottage-gerThis is our little home for the next 4 1/2 months.. very comfortable.. and  close to work..  like a 30 second walk 🙂

view-from-gerThis is one view from the campground..   we are in the mountains.   7,000 feet of elevation..     the drive from Fort Collins  to this location is absolutely spectacular..   it is a challenge to try to capture it in a photo, but we will try to do it in upcoming posts..

We will be back in PA for approximately two weeks before we will need to head to Maine for our third season at MDC..  just enough time to check on the house,  visit with family and friends,  and maybe to spend a little time in the Dreaming Chair..  and who knows what will follow?     jt

2 comments on “The Dreaming Chair

  1. marymaryone says:

    Looks like a cute little house and a lot more space than the camper. Enjoy!

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