Internet Cafe

When I hear the word cafe, I picture a street in Paris with tables on the sidewalks, around which patrons sit with tea and coffee, talking about the days events… some of the conversations are animated, some intimate, but communication is evident everywhere, and the spirit is animated…

today we ventured into Fort Collins with a shopping list and with the intent to find an internet cafe so that we could connect with the world.  our access to internet is somewhat limited where we are living, so it seemed like a great idea to kill two birds with one stone..

Fort Collins is quite a town..  a destination for sure..  and the Starry Night Cafe serves great tea.. but the experience is as far from the image that I described in my opening paragraph as one could imagine..    on the way in Janet asked me if they had internet available..  the answer was self evident..   every single person sitting inside was connected.. in fact,  no one was talking at all.. no political arguments, no  lovers sitting in the back corner smiling at each other whispering sweet thoughts,  nothing but folks sitting in chairs, staring at screens in front of them..   and then i heard a voice, but when i looked up, it was a fellow talking on his phone..

of course, we  fit right in 🙂   here we are in colorado, connecting with the world but not our neighbor..  But last night was different.. we were invited by the owners of the resort where we are working to join with a bunch of locals to play a game called Bunco…   we had a great time, met a few couples who live close by the resort and came home feeling like we had made the first step towards understanding what life in the Poudre Canyon was really like!

And now for the pictures..  the views were stunning on our way into town.. we had our first snowfall last night..  rt-14-1the tunnel through the rock that everyone includes in a photo essay of rt 14  !

rt-14-2 no place to pull over for this one.. had to take it while we were driving…

rt-14-3the views can be overwhelming at times!


so, what is the most stunning thing about this drive?   what did you notice?  lots of rocks,  high mountain peaks,  the poudre river nearly ice-covered…   how about guardrails?  did you notice those?   🙂

ok..  the guy sitting next to me just woke up from his nap… time to put this “device” away and have a romantic conversation with my wife..  isn’t that what cafes are all about??

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