Mountains – we are surrounded!

The workweek for us finished last evening with a delightful gathering for dinner with folks we met from our hike last week…   we did not have to set the alarm for this morning, but Janet was up with the early morning sun, and we enjoyed two cups of tea.. and some cookies.. on the couch with Sunny… and, after that healthy breakfast, we were off!    We headed west towards Cameron Pass.   Not too far along, we stopped to catch the view and to walk down to the river…   the sky was blue, and the temperature was a bit over 40 degrees…


but we were climbing…   Glen Echo, our home for the next 4 months, is located at around 7000 feet.  Cameron Pass is around  10200 feet…    the blue sky gave way to clouds, the temps dived,  and the snow piled up!


we met a couple of guys who were preparing for back country skiing at a rest stop along the way.   One of the fellows had quite a dramatic beard / mustache  combination, and he looked just a little younger than the rock making up the mountains that surrounded us..  but he enthusiastically told us where they were going, and how all around us,  there was a serious threat of avalanches..  but he knew where to go..   and he encouraged us to try one of the trails with our cross country skis.. we wished him luck and got back in the car!


my poor attempt at photography with my phone simply does not do the setting justice, but these are the scenes that we see on calendars in gift shops 🙂


it is good that it is a weekday .. not too much traffic on the road… we were reaching top speeds of about 35 mph as we continuously gawked at the scenery that unfolded around each curve in the road…

and then, the mountains gave way to a huge wide flat area.. lots of ranches..  huge piles of stacked hay, and lots of cattle … and only a few miles left till we reached our destination of  Walden..   claim to fame  is the moose siting capital of Colorado..


We ate lunch at Moose Creek Cafe, but we did not see any moose 😦    enjoyed some nice conversation in the cafe with some fellow diners who were headed to Steamboat Springs,  and with the waitress..  and then we turned back towards home…


we stopped at the Moose visitor center for  Colorado state forest state park.. and saw a moose, but it was inside and not breathing…   however all was not lost… just outside the center was the beginning of a cross country ski trail.. and we were prepared!


the grooming was a little old or non existent in some places, but what a beautiful place to put on skis and  to breath heavy in oxygen depleted air at 8,000 feet!   We did rather well for our first day on skis this winter…   and we will sleep well tonight!    We did see some interesting tracks along the way, and it is quite possible that some moose were peering out from their hiding place, wondering why these crazy humans were out in the snow..     I suspect that a fact of life is that  moose have had greater success seeing us  than we have had seeing them!




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