A second day on the road…

yesterday we headed north… today we decided to forgo a local hike and explore south of us..   I took a minute to confer with one of my coworkers about directions, and he said ” there is a very good chance that you will see some wildlife along the drive on that road”   he was referring to route 27 which branches off of the Pourdre Canyon road..  this would be our first time on that particular route…       he was right, but we did not have to wait till we turned on rt 27.. just a few hundred yards down from  Glen Echo Resort, we spotted our first bighorn sheep  ..   big-horn-sheepthese guys are our neighbors!

tons-of-turkeysRt 27 is pretty scenic…  and we saw wildlife..  we are used to seeing wild turkeys in PA and New England..  but this was a ton of turkeys..  could not fit them all in the frame!

ski-fencenow we know what folks do with used skis!   this fence, along with the decorative mailbox, suggest that a very artsy person lives at this address…

we saw a sign for  the Bobcat Ridge Natural Area..  had to explore that, so we turned off the road and found these guys…

deer-at-bobcat-ridgeand then drove on to find that the Bobcat Ridge Natural area is an incredible resource maintained by Fort Collins..   home to rattlesnakes,snake-sign

bear, and mountain lions..


bobcat-ridge-3 we did not happen to run into any of them, but we were on the lookout.   What we did find was an amazing trail system that included this historic cabin…

cabin-at-bobcat-ridge it has quite the story.. built in 1917…  must have been a tough life!

we will add this to the list of places to revisit before we head back to PA in April..  lots of trails to follow…

and now we are sitting in a popular coffee shop in Longmont, CO..  this seems like quite the town..   just enough time to spend a few minutes to explore before we have to head back to Glen Echo..   I suspect that we will head this way again..


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