Off to Wyoming!

on-the-way-to-laramieTwo days off, and time to explore…  a few years ago my son, Erik,  spent a semester at the University of Wyoming in Laramie.    We took that opportunity to take a train trip across the country to visit with him.  We have lots of fond memories from that trip, but near the top of the list was our visits to Coal Creek Coffee, a very cool and inviting place to hang out while he was in class.    The pic above  is the front range along route 287 on our way north.


downtown-laramieDowntown Laramie..    we spotted a Verizon office on the way into town and stopped to take care of phone business and then headed to the cafe where Janet surprised me with a somewhat late, but very thoughtful Christmas present!

coal-creek-cafeyup.. my very own mug to bring home with me!   We strolled the streets, and spent some interesting time in antique stores..  and then headed back to the cafe  for a second cup of tea before stopping at the grocery store on our way back to the Pourdre Canyon and home…   a great day on the road!


2 comments on “Off to Wyoming!

  1. Cortland Bassett says:


    Looks like a lot of fun, and not that much snow so far.

    I’m enjoying the pictures, but if you find rattlesnakes and bears, would like cautious shots of them, too!



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