Disappointment Falls

of course, there is a story behind the name… my version is that one day, long ago, a young man decided that this would be the perfect place to finally propose to his beloved.. and, after  a long, blissful walk to the falls, he finally worked up the courage to ask the question only to be told that she had already committed to another fellow….    the real version is that the falls are disappointingly small…  how unromantic!

In any event, it is a perfect setting for a hike, especially with a light snow falling…  We missed the opportunity to join our friends on the hike itself, but we caught up with them shortly afterward for a wonderful gathering of fellowship and food…  two words that always go well together!

I will let the pictures tell the story..  some are from the actual trail.. some from the trails that we mistakenly chose 🙂   but all are an attempt to capture the beauty of the Colorado Mountains in the Roosevelt National Forrest…

df-hike-8we continue to be amazed at the rock formations which rise out of the forest…

df-hike-7as well as some of the places where trees decide to grow!

df-6this looks like the right trail 🙂




it started to snow as we reached the falls…  wait a minute.. where are the falls?   hmmm,  maybe they are a bit disappointing!    no.. actually, it was an incredibly beautiful spot, and we could hear the water gurgling underneath the ice…   would have enjoyed lingering a bit longer, but we were not sure how serious the snowfall would be, so we headed back…

df-hike-2looking back as we returned to the trailhead…

another successful outing in our new temporary home.  We have now been at Glen Echo Resort for a month .. feeling very settled and grateful to have wonderful coworkers and to have met interesting local folks who have been very welcoming…     jt

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