Moose Visitor Center – revisited


moose-visitor-center-snowshoe1This was our second visit to the Moose Visitor Center  – this time on snow shoes instead of skis, and we had the pleasure of sharing the experience with members of the Red Feather Library Hiking Group ( not sure of the official title, but this will work for  now) ..     This is a pic of Janet and our leader, Darlene as we headed out on the trail from the visitor center..  the ride over Cameron Pass to this location was spectacular, but we were so busy talking  with new friends that we did not think to stop to get out to take a photo!

moose-visitor-center-snowshoe2… the path ahead.. snow on either side of this trail was three feet deep..  we might have gotten away without the snowshoes on the path, but  it was wise to have them for the trip…

moose-visitor-center-snowshoe4..  members of the group waiting for the rest of us to catch up..   we  took a break to enjoy hot chocolate and snacks before turning back..  it was a grey day, but very comfortable..  there were some moose tracks along our path – presumably, the moose find it easier to walk on the path too!   But, another day has passed in Colorado  without a moose sighting… we will keep trying!

moose-visitor-center-snowshoe3 peering off into the woods along side the trail..  the landscape varies considerably in this area..  some heavily forested sections followed by rocky expanses with few trees leading into vast grazing lands….  no wonder there is such a variety of wildlife within a short distance of our home base at Glen Echo Resort..    All told, we did just under 4 miles…  great scenery, great company..  another wonderful day in Colorado 🙂    jt

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