Day trip -Masonville, Lyons and beyond!

Today was the third of a string of four days off in a row.. we headed towards Lyons CO, by way of Masonville..  The last time we passed through Masonville we did not take the opportunity to stop at the store, but we certainly meant to this time around.. but, we were disappointed to find that it is not open on Wednesdays 😦    We did poke around a bit, and surely will return – we hear that the store is an experience all of its own,  and the structures and old farm equipment across the street definitely support that thought.

masonville-store-3we were fortunate to have temps in the low 50’s which made exploring this site quite comfortable…

masonville-store-2it is quite a collection of stuff!

masonville-store-1 we will surely pass this way again..  when the store itself is open…

Next stop along the way was a farm museum in Loveland.. but that was closed as well 😦   not sure if we will still be in Colorado when it opens for the season, but they serve tea in period costume, so we will keep in touch…

on to Lyons.. my son, Erik, suggested that we make a point of visiting Lyons.. a very nice small town on the way to Estes Park by way of rt 36.   We parked and walked down the main street and found  The Stone Cup Cafe…  stone-cup-cafeit was hard to believe, but we found it very comfortable to sit outside and enjoy our tea..  also chatted with a cyclist who filled us in on the impact that that F O Stanley ( one of the brothers of  Stanley Steamer fame) had on Estes Park.. including the Stanley Hotel which has quite a haunted history…

next.. on to Estes Park, but only after stopping in at the Colorado Cherry Company colorado-cherry-company-2colorado-cherry-company-1

one of our coworkers alerted us to this place…  totally worth the stop..  we made it a point to stop here for dinner on the way back.. and we were very pleased with the BBQ sandwiches that we ordered..  as well as the cherry pie that we brought home…

estes-park-2Estes Park is surrounded by incredible beauty.. but there is no doubt that it has been “discovered”    it is a bit of a tourist trap.. with more t shirt shops than Bar Harbor..   on instagram, I suggested that I will consider it to be the Bar Harbor of the west from this point on!


It certainly is a beautiful setting…   and on the way out of town we were treated to this view…


we were pretty excited to see them, but they were not the least bit interested in us…

After out stop for dinner, we headed home..   arriving well after sunset, and pausing briefly to look up at the star filled sky…  glad to be home and anxious to crawl into our bed after a long day on the road!   jt


2 comments on “Day trip -Masonville, Lyons and beyond!

  1. mary says:

    Thanks for sharing some pretty awesome views of your stay out west. Completely different scenery than the northeast.

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