Molly Lake Trail

after a healthy breakfast of cherry pie .. with a pinwheel cookie for desert..  we loaded up the car and headed up the dirt road towards Molly Lake .. just a quick 20 minute drive from home.. and what do we find , strolling along on the road in front of us?   our first Colorado Moose!    It took a while to get the phone camera working, so you will have to peer into the woods in this pic to see it, but it was quite the sight as it broke into a run up the road in front of us before veering off into the woods…  moose

he is a young one… great way to start the day 🙂     a few minutes later

we met our friend, Lynn, at the trail head..  strapped on the skis and headed off…


All together, it was a 4 mile trip..  a totally gorgeous day to be out on the trail..


we are pretty impressed with the forest service facilities..  simple, but helpful…


peering off into the woods along the trail.. we love this type of setting…


we skied across molly lake… took a break and then retraced our way, saving the second part of the trail for another day…


the snow started to get a little sticky on the way back.. no wonder, when we got back to the car, it was 51 degrees…   winter in Colorado is pretty nice!     jt

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