Bellaire Lake

We set out yesterday to explore an area that is new to us… Bellaire Lake –  in the same vicinity as Molly Lake, along Manhatten Rd on the way to Red Feather Lakes..  It was obvious that plenty of folks had been there recently .. the trail was easy to follow and is actually the access road during camping season.   We found both a camping area and a day use area when we made it to the lake.    It sure would be nice to come back here during the summer with our canoe!


After we returned to our car, we drove to the library at Red Feather Lakes, one of our favorite hangouts…  and got caught up on world events..  then we headed to Beaver Meadows where we thought we might get a bite to eat before heading back to Glen Echo.. but we found that they were closed  😦      All was not lost, however, on the way back, we witnessed an incredible sunset… I am afraid that my phone camera was not up to the task of capturing it, but I tried!



After a nice dinner at home, we rounded out the day by watching  both  “Steve Jobs”   and “A Walk in the Woods”    …   another wonderful day in Colorado!   jt

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