The Wind is Howling!

We have experienced a fair amount of wind during our first two months in Colorado, and we are told that this is typical for this time of the year.   Despite the blustery conditions, we got up this morning and headed to the Lady Moon Trailhead where we met Lynn, one of our hiking friends,  and Sophie, her dog…  Another incredible blue sky day..  The temperature was actually somewhat moderate… it is supposed to reach 60 degrees in Denver today, but the wind chilled things off a bit, particularly in the wide open area that was part of our hike.



We opted not to bring our snow shoes, but  we could have used them in some areas  where we headed off of the trail…  after spending time in the meadow, we returned to the trail and followed it upward…  We intersected with some other trails which we had seen before..  we are beginning to get a grasp for how  many of the trails we have been on are all connected together…it is nice to finally be forming a mental map of the area between Glen Echo where we are living and working and Red Feather Lakes…     We did not see any wildlife today, but  I am not sure if I posted a pic of this cow moose that we saw last week..


this was our second sighting of a moose in Colorado…  hopefully, many more to come!   jt

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