After a light snow,  we decided to return to the Molly Lake trail with our cross country skis.  We have read that there are far more sunny days here in Colorado than we are used to back in PA, and we are totally loving that aspect of life here in the mountains..   molly-lake-trail-2

We are getting much more comfortable heading out ourselves, particularly when our destination involves trails that we have visited before with some of our local friends..  the theme for this outing was the different animal tracks that we noticed in the new snow..  While it looks rather remote, and it is sometimes a challenge to find wildlife, the numerous tracks that we saw suggest that it is actually quite the busy area for local wildlife!





oops, those last ones are ours 🙂    We are a bit disappointed that the entrance to Rocky Mtn National Park is 100 miles away ( partly due to a road closure) … but we are finding that we can keep pretty busy in our own “back yard”  since we are practically surrounded by  national forest land..  what a great resource to have at our disposal!    jt

2 comments on “Tracks

  1. Cort says:

    I got the ski tracks right, but not sure what the others are. Rabbits and maybe a large cat are guesses! Stay warm!

    • lifeat6mph says:

      hey Cort.. one is definitely rabbits… the little tiny ones may be a field mouse… yesterday we happened to witness a coyote stalking some sort of prey.. he was successful.. it is a tough life out there in the jungle for little critters!

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