Valentine’s Day at Glen Echo

It is another beautiful day in Colorado, and it is the first of our two days off this week.   The Restaurant is closed, and there is not a lot of traffic on the Poudre Canyon road, so it is a quiet day at the resort…   However, we are beginning to see how things will begin to pick up as the weather continues to improve ( although we could have a major snow storm any time, according to the locals!)   This past weekend was rather busy with lots of folks traveling up the canyon road to  Cameron Pass to play in the snow!

So what kind of exciting news is there to report?   How about a new grandson:)


My lovely daughter, Alison, made it possible for me to join the ranks of grandparents with her delivery of Maris  on Saturday morning.    We are somewhat removed from the celebration at this point since we are in CO and they are in NH, but we will be traveling back east in a couple of months and will get to greet him in person..  in the meantime, I am quite sure that we will receive daily updates 🙂   Looking forward to all of the joys of grandparenthood!

We elected to take it easy today ..  enjoying the  late winter beauty of the resort..   these are the rustic cottages that we rent, situated right next to the Cache le Poudre  river…


They do have heat ( but no running water)  and some folks enjoy renting them in the winter, but I can imagine that there is a lot of energy here during the typical camping season when they are filled with families enjoying the river….river

I don’t know about Colorado, but I am quite sure that you would never get away with building cottages this close to a river in NH!   Of course, these have been in this location forever…   Many of them have little decks off the back, facing the river..  quite a nice spot to sit and enjoy a summer’s evening!   I am particularly enjoying reading about the history of the Poudre Canyon..  the economic forces of   cutting timber for railroad ties, and then the very short lived  mining operations  which led to towns springing up and then dying in just  a few short years…  as is often the case, I suspect that the suppliers of goods were the ones whom profited most from these activities..   but those goods needed roads to reach the people working in the mountains… thankfully,  route 14,  remains a very scenic by way, well worth the time to explore if you ever happen to be in the area!



4 comments on “Valentine’s Day at Glen Echo

  1. Cortland Bassett says:

    Congratulations on the beautiful grandson! He’s a cutie.

    Regina is doing well. She feels good and pain-free. We had planned to travel to Raleigh today, but postponed the trip because Regina’s white blood cell count is low. Hopefully, a week of rest from chemotherapy will pop it back up to a tolerable level.

    Snowed softly today, then bright sun late afternoon. In the low 40’s in Ithaca.

    Have fun!


  2. mary says:

    Congratulations on the birth of your grandson!
    Looks like you are really enjoying your time out West.

    • lifeat6mph says:

      thanks mary – we are thankful that all went well with the delivery and that alison and Maris are doing well… we are trying to get as much out of our time here as possible.. but we are really beginning to miss maine.. somewhat anxious to get back there and get the season started.. a little premature, perhaps, but the weather the past three days has been absolutely gorgeous.. we had our first campfire last night 🙂 I was just thinking about you yesterday as i was looking up hiking trails in phippsburg.. i was going to email this link to you maybe we could meet down there sometime this summer and do a hike.. hope you guys are doing well..

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