Eggers School

eggers school 2we were so fortunate to be connected with a local resident who had keys to the school house!   In fact, Fritz,  played a significant role in organizing the museum, and we so appreciated her willingness to take time and show us around during the off season.

The school was moved to its present location a number of years ago in order to preserve it.  The small community of Eggers no longer exists..  the forest service was going to tear down the building as they were returning the land to its natural state.

The school was built by the WPA and opened in 1933  and closed in the late 1950’s.  In addition to teaching grades 1-8, the teacher had to pick up his or her students each day and  check the outhouse for rattlesnakes on a daily basis…   not a job for Janet!

eggers school 1

there is an amazing collection of  primary source materials in the school, including the teacher’s daily plan books,   adolescent magazines from the 40’s and 50’s…  students’ work.. it is quite a step back in history!

eggers school 3this must have been a later addition, because I read an account by one student who said that they all drank from the same cup!

eggers school 4how could it be a school without this guy’s picture?  🙂

eggers school 5

I love this stove…  how neat to have something that looks like this in your house!

We are so glad that we had the opportunity to visit the school.. thanks to Fritz and all of the other volunteers who have invested time and effort into the preservation of this time capsule…    and now we can chalk one more thing off of the list of things to do before we head home…     jt

Vacation in Fort Collins – day 2

Pawnee national grassland 1Our dear friend, Marilyn, told us that we had to take a trip to the Pawnee National Grasslands before we headed back east.   This was our destination during day two of our Fort Collins vacation.   The trip was about 45 miles east of Fort Collins, along the way we thought that we might have seen a new born calf, but we could not be certain.   The land is a stark contrast to what we have been used to in the Poudre Canyon…  endless miles of prairie …  but in the distance there were what appeared to be cliffs…  Buttes as we later learned.   Pawnee national grassland 2  small pieces of real estate that remained standing after wind and rain eroded almost all of the surrounding land…   Janet and I did a short 2 mile hike while Marilyn and her husband Steve sat and enjoyed the view.

Pawnee national grassland 3it was an impressive sight to behold…  great visuals for the power of erosion…

Pawnee national grassland 4you would not want to be caught in this particular area  during a rainstorm!    the terrain is quite fragile…

pawnee national grassland 5almost looks like the remains of an ancient castle…  very little rainfall in this area..  we did see livestock, but they seem to be dependent on water from wells…  we did not see any other wildlife except for birds..   although,  pronghorns and coyotes are in the area..

pawnee national grassland 6

there also cacti!    we found some of these on a hike a few weeks ago… unfortunately, we saw them only after we had put our hands on top of them .. ouch…

On the way back to the Poudre Canyon, we stopped at the Howling Cow for a late lunch..  a fitting finish to a memorable trip to Fort Collins..   jt

Vacation in Fort Collins! dear friend, coworker, and local guide, Marilyn, invited us to come down out of the mountains for an overnight in Fort Collins.. what a great idea!   We packed a few things and hit the road.  Our first stop – our favorite cafe,  Howling Cow, where we enjoyed a cup of tea, caught up on internet news and got great tips for hikes in Fort Collins and for a local pie shop..   Me Oh My  Coffee and Pie..     we could not resist that!..

the fact that it happened to be PI day only heightened our interest 🙂    In side, we found a great selection of homemade goodies… settled on little hand pies..  appropriately priced for the day at  $3.14 …   so tempting, we took a bite before I could reach for my phone to take a pic!

I was struck by some of the signs hanging in the shop.. could not resist taking a shot of this one…

Next stop was the trail head for the Foothills Trail.. coincidentally, just across the street from Marilyn’s home!   This trail is located by the “old”  Colorado State University stadium.  It did not look all that old to me, but a new one will be ready for the 2017 football season…   the pic at the top of the post is  of the mountain behind the stadium..  complete with the letter A painted on the hillside… Although the mascot for the university is now a Ram,  in the old days the school was known as the Aggies, and the A is a tradition that has continued to thrive..  apparently the freshmen football players are tasked with the job of refreshing the paint each year.

This is where we need to insert the interesting part… Marilyn’s father, a mountain man through and through, cautioned her to never hike this hill because of the resident rattlesnake population… if you happen to know Janet.. you understand that this kind of story sparks considerable anxiety!   But it is March, and the snakes are still snug in their dens… we hope!

so off we go!   a very nice path, very popular with the locals…  I wonder if they understand how fortunate they are to have so many recreational opportunities so close at hand!

no, Janet.. this is not a rattlesnake hole!    try a prairie dog 🙂  .. lots of them.. right behind the stadium …

look closely, and you will see a little head checking out the world…

made it to the top!   That is Horsetooth Reservoir behind us… a 10 mile , narrow body of water that is filled with snow melt each year ( provided a good snowfall in the mountains)  and which provides lots of boating recreation in the summer as well as water for Fort Collins..

looking down at Fort Collins..  we are at the tippy top of the “A”  thus the white stones in the foreground..

After we completed the hike, we went in search of another pie place, but we were not successful.. instead, we stumbled into an amazing yarn shop..  folks were gathered around a table, knitting and chatting, while in another room people were weaving on small looms…  it was a totally cool shop- wish my daughter could come out and visit.. so much to show her.. this shop would be near the top of the list!

We then met Marilyn at her home and decided to conclude the day with dinner at El Burrito – a local restaurant with a longstanding reputation for authentic Mexican food..  what a treat that was!

This brings a fun-filled busy day to an end… stay tuned for day two!   jt
























Roaring Creek Trail

roaring creek 1 On Thursday of this past week we headed west along route 14 with the intention of checking out Roaring Creek Trail.   We were not prepared for a full out hike, but rather for a chance to reconnoiter with the intent of returning in a couple of weeks.    One fellow who stopped by the store at Glen Echo Resort told me that he believed that Roaring Creek was the nicest trail in the Poudre Canyon…   we did not see enough to make that claim, but we certainly want to go back and check out the rest of the trail.    This is the first bridge that we came to, and we did not venture much further on this particular day.   The elevation gain is about 2000 feet..

roaring creek 2

we are anxious to return when the ice is all gone .. hopefully we will still be in the area when that happens!

roaring creek 3

this is a view from the trail… looking out at the mountains on the other side of the Poudre River…   I  have been reading about the history of the development of the road through the canyon..  very interesting stories – particularly about the number of resorts that sprang up, along with little towns..  many of which are no longer existing.   It is amazing to read how towns that thrived at one point in history are non-existent..  one would never know that stores, homes, hotels, schools and post offices once stood where now there is only grass and trees….

roaring creek 4

this is a view from near the beginning of the trail…

roaring creek 5

another view of the surrounding mountains.. taken from close to the trailhead…  the terrain is rather formidable… very different from what we experience around Acadia National Park…   It seems that just about every time we venture along the canyon road, we find rocks in the road..   after watching deer climb a very steep embankment the other day, I am convinced that many of these rocks are dislodged by animals…    we stopped to move one rock out of the road just this week..  it would have totally wrecked the underside of most cars…   I wonder what is holding  in  place the huge bolder in this photo !

We have just under a month to go before we pack up and head back home..  I have a feeling that the time is going to fly by as we try to cram in as many experiences as possible… we are anxious to return east and to familiar surroundings and family, but we will miss the friendships that we have formed here over the last few months!

The difference a day makes!

When we awoke this morning we were greeted to snow and howling wind.. it sure was cold compared with yesterday when we were treated to temperatures breaking 50 degrees and sunshine and blue sky!

We made the most of yesterday’s weather by hiking Dadd Gulch, a trail which begins just 2 miles down the road.   We have passed it numerous times on our way to other trails, but we discovered that this is our newest favorite!   The fact that local friends joined us made the experience all the nicer…  and their dog had a blast!

dadd gulch 1Janet and Lynn at the trailhead..  Sophie saying ” why are we standing here.. let’s go!”

dadd gulch 5We were warned that we would run into snow in the shady sections of the trail… the dog loved it… spent lots of time rolling in it…dadd gulch 4

I guess this is why it is a gulch!    some pretty steep sided sections of the trail…

dadd gulch 3some open areas as well…  we were pretty protected most of the way..

janet and me dadd gulch

took time for a photo… life is good in Colorado…

dadd gulch 2

headed back down , after hiking 3 miles in…   just a bit short of our goal, but we were quite satisfied with the experience and will revisit the trail again in a few weeks…

sunset 3-5-17

at the end of the day, we were treated to a beautiful sunset…  with just over a month to go before we leave this spot,  we have a lot to pack in…    stay tuned!     jt


Is spring on the way?

evening-sky-at-glen-echo-2…this was the evening sky last night… the stars that followed after sundown were pretty spectacular.   We have been told by the locals to prepare for snow because in this part of Colorado, March is the big snow month..  we will see if that is the case, but it was pretty hard to imagine snow on a day like today…  clear, blue sky and warm enough that just a light jacket was plenty this afternoon.

sunny-enjoying-a-quiet-momentI spent a few moments with Sunny, the cat before heading into work this morning..  he certainly seems to find life in Colorado to be relaxing, except when the magpies come close to the window.. that tends to get him a bit on edge..   Sunny is around 15 years old, and he seems to enjoy attention more than ever these days…


lunch-at-glen-echoAfter a morning of prepping  and installing some new cookstoves for our Rustic cottages, then  it was lunch time  🙂     this is a Southwest Salad..  one of my new favorites from the menu at Glen Echo ..  this was particularly good because my wife prepared it 🙂

then back out to do some afternoon maintenance..  what a joy to be working outside on days like today..

and now we are sitting in the restaurant at Glen Echo.. having enjoyed a nice  chicken parm dinner, followed by cherry pie…    I guess this is somewhat typical of a day in the life of a workamper… especially at Glen Echo Resort in  the Poudre Canyon in Colorado..    if you get out this way, be sure to stop for lunch or dinner!    jt