Is spring on the way?

evening-sky-at-glen-echo-2…this was the evening sky last night… the stars that followed after sundown were pretty spectacular.   We have been told by the locals to prepare for snow because in this part of Colorado, March is the big snow month..  we will see if that is the case, but it was pretty hard to imagine snow on a day like today…  clear, blue sky and warm enough that just a light jacket was plenty this afternoon.

sunny-enjoying-a-quiet-momentI spent a few moments with Sunny, the cat before heading into work this morning..  he certainly seems to find life in Colorado to be relaxing, except when the magpies come close to the window.. that tends to get him a bit on edge..   Sunny is around 15 years old, and he seems to enjoy attention more than ever these days…


lunch-at-glen-echoAfter a morning of prepping  and installing some new cookstoves for our Rustic cottages, then  it was lunch time  🙂     this is a Southwest Salad..  one of my new favorites from the menu at Glen Echo ..  this was particularly good because my wife prepared it 🙂

then back out to do some afternoon maintenance..  what a joy to be working outside on days like today..

and now we are sitting in the restaurant at Glen Echo.. having enjoyed a nice  chicken parm dinner, followed by cherry pie…    I guess this is somewhat typical of a day in the life of a workamper… especially at Glen Echo Resort in  the Poudre Canyon in Colorado..    if you get out this way, be sure to stop for lunch or dinner!    jt



One comment on “Is spring on the way?

  1. mary says:

    We have had a really weird winter in the northeast. Only got out the snowshoes once. Weather has been too warm, followed by a few cold days. Just this week it was single digits on Sunday, then 40s by Wednesday.

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