Roaring Creek Trail

roaring creek 1 On Thursday of this past week we headed west along route 14 with the intention of checking out Roaring Creek Trail.   We were not prepared for a full out hike, but rather for a chance to reconnoiter with the intent of returning in a couple of weeks.    One fellow who stopped by the store at Glen Echo Resort told me that he believed that Roaring Creek was the nicest trail in the Poudre Canyon…   we did not see enough to make that claim, but we certainly want to go back and check out the rest of the trail.    This is the first bridge that we came to, and we did not venture much further on this particular day.   The elevation gain is about 2000 feet..

roaring creek 2

we are anxious to return when the ice is all gone .. hopefully we will still be in the area when that happens!

roaring creek 3

this is a view from the trail… looking out at the mountains on the other side of the Poudre River…   I  have been reading about the history of the development of the road through the canyon..  very interesting stories – particularly about the number of resorts that sprang up, along with little towns..  many of which are no longer existing.   It is amazing to read how towns that thrived at one point in history are non-existent..  one would never know that stores, homes, hotels, schools and post offices once stood where now there is only grass and trees….

roaring creek 4

this is a view from near the beginning of the trail…

roaring creek 5

another view of the surrounding mountains.. taken from close to the trailhead…  the terrain is rather formidable… very different from what we experience around Acadia National Park…   It seems that just about every time we venture along the canyon road, we find rocks in the road..   after watching deer climb a very steep embankment the other day, I am convinced that many of these rocks are dislodged by animals…    we stopped to move one rock out of the road just this week..  it would have totally wrecked the underside of most cars…   I wonder what is holding  in  place the huge bolder in this photo !

We have just under a month to go before we pack up and head back home..  I have a feeling that the time is going to fly by as we try to cram in as many experiences as possible… we are anxious to return east and to familiar surroundings and family, but we will miss the friendships that we have formed here over the last few months!


2 comments on “Roaring Creek Trail

  1. Cortland Bassett says:

    Seems like every time you go out on a routine hike, you climb higher than the height of Cadillac Mountain! Thanks for showing us the territory. Raw beauty!


    • lifeat6mph says:

      thanks Cort… raw beauty is a great way of describing our surroundings… it has been pretty cool living here, but we are getting increasingly anxious to return to the familiar beauty of Acadia!

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