Eggers School

eggers school 2we were so fortunate to be connected with a local resident who had keys to the school house!   In fact, Fritz,  played a significant role in organizing the museum, and we so appreciated her willingness to take time and show us around during the off season.

The school was moved to its present location a number of years ago in order to preserve it.  The small community of Eggers no longer exists..  the forest service was going to tear down the building as they were returning the land to its natural state.

The school was built by the WPA and opened in 1933  and closed in the late 1950’s.  In addition to teaching grades 1-8, the teacher had to pick up his or her students each day and  check the outhouse for rattlesnakes on a daily basis…   not a job for Janet!

eggers school 1

there is an amazing collection of  primary source materials in the school, including the teacher’s daily plan books,   adolescent magazines from the 40’s and 50’s…  students’ work.. it is quite a step back in history!

eggers school 3this must have been a later addition, because I read an account by one student who said that they all drank from the same cup!

eggers school 4how could it be a school without this guy’s picture?  🙂

eggers school 5

I love this stove…  how neat to have something that looks like this in your house!

We are so glad that we had the opportunity to visit the school.. thanks to Fritz and all of the other volunteers who have invested time and effort into the preservation of this time capsule…    and now we can chalk one more thing off of the list of things to do before we head home…     jt


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