Vacation in Fort Collins – day 2

Pawnee national grassland 1Our dear friend, Marilyn, told us that we had to take a trip to the Pawnee National Grasslands before we headed back east.   This was our destination during day two of our Fort Collins vacation.   The trip was about 45 miles east of Fort Collins, along the way we thought that we might have seen a new born calf, but we could not be certain.   The land is a stark contrast to what we have been used to in the Poudre Canyon…  endless miles of prairie …  but in the distance there were what appeared to be cliffs…  Buttes as we later learned.   Pawnee national grassland 2  small pieces of real estate that remained standing after wind and rain eroded almost all of the surrounding land…   Janet and I did a short 2 mile hike while Marilyn and her husband Steve sat and enjoyed the view.

Pawnee national grassland 3it was an impressive sight to behold…  great visuals for the power of erosion…

Pawnee national grassland 4you would not want to be caught in this particular area  during a rainstorm!    the terrain is quite fragile…

pawnee national grassland 5almost looks like the remains of an ancient castle…  very little rainfall in this area..  we did see livestock, but they seem to be dependent on water from wells…  we did not see any other wildlife except for birds..   although,  pronghorns and coyotes are in the area..

pawnee national grassland 6

there also cacti!    we found some of these on a hike a few weeks ago… unfortunately, we saw them only after we had put our hands on top of them .. ouch…

On the way back to the Poudre Canyon, we stopped at the Howling Cow for a late lunch..  a fitting finish to a memorable trip to Fort Collins..   jt


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