Heading home…

trip home 1We awoke at 5:15 last Tuesday morning and were on the road by 6 ..  as we turned onto the Poudre Canyon road from the parking lot at Glen Echo, we were treated to this site, looking west ….   just a few hundred yards down the road we spied the herd of elk in the meadow to our right..  we were quite pleased to get one final glimpse of them as we began our trip east.

First stop.. the Howling Cow Cafe.. our last visit – time to turn in the last milk bottle and to enjoy a bagel and cup of Madame Grey tea before heading to Cheyenne where we would pick up route 80 east…

trip home 2we were fortunate to have great weather for traveling.. and our plan was to attempt to drive straight through to PA…  Every 100 miles we alternated driving.  That seemed to make the time go by quickly.. except that Nebraska is a very long state..  it seemed like forever till we hit the eastern border of the state!    We ended up spending an hour or so napping at a rest stop Tuesday evening, but then resumed out trip in the dark… somewhere along the way, I ended up headed towards Detroit… oops!   but we quickly noticed the error and google maps got us back on track..

We arrived in Wapwallopen late Wednesday afternoon…  excited to be staying in our tiny house and visiting with relatives..

trip home 4Sunny, the cat quickly got reacquainted with the tiny house…  climbed the ladder and settled in his favorite spot….trip home 5

we missed the cherries, but made it home in time for the peach blossoms…

trip home 3 and it looks like the plums are beginning to blossom as well, so we should get to see them in full bloom while we are here…

lots to do during our short stay in PA…  and then, soon, we will be headed north for the summer season!


2 comments on “Heading home…

  1. mary says:

    Welcome back to the east. Still playing with winter/spring temperatures up here in Maine.

  2. lifeat6mph says:

    thanks mary! we are actually headed to nh tomorrow to visit our grandson for the first time 🙂 then back here on tuesday to wrap things up here and then to maine at the end of next week… busy time, but soon we will be settling in next to Somes Sound for the season…

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