Back in Maine!

mdc 17 first pic

We have returned to Mount Desert Campground for our third season.  So far, we have probably seen more rain than we did in an entire month last year, but it is beautiful just the same.   This pic was taken the evening that we arrived at our campsite.

mdc 17 mossy stump

First order of the day is to rake the campground.. actually that has been the first order the last three and a half days, and it will continue to be a priority for the next week or two..  I took a quick break to take a photograph of this mossy stump…

mdc 17 campfire

We had a beautiful day yesterday, and we celebrated with our first campfire.. inviting our fellow workers to join us for the first smores of the season…    Janet made lentil soup in the morning while I whipped up a batch of molasses cookies…   life does not get much better than this!    If you happen to be camping at Mount Desert Campground this summer, be sure to stop by B 18 to say hello!

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