A stroll around the neighborhood?

kayak 1

( a shot that I took yesterday morning while we were cleaning campsites… )

Well not exactly, but kind of…   I was thinking about an evening stroll around the neighborhood many years ago.  We had just moved into a new development, and it was quite small, but it still merited a short walk after dinner.  We looked at the houses ( all of which looked the same)  and stopped to say hello to neighbors who happened to be sitting on the front stoop of their homes…  last night we did the water version of this same experience.   We walked down to the floats, got in our kayaks and took off!  This time we headed for Abels Marina.   But along the way, we stopped to chat with folks who happened to be on their moored boats, enjoying dinner and the sunset.

boat 1After stopping by to say hello to the couple who own this vintage Egg Harbor yacht ( built in NJ 50 years ago) we continued on our way towards Bar Island..

somes sound 2

The tides in Somes Sound range from 10 – 12 feet..  on the right is Bar Island ( not the more popular island in Bar Harbor that goes by the same name). At high tide, we can sneak through the cut that you see to the left…

We stopped along the way  to say hi to these guys….


but we got a little to close  😦

seals 2

sorry guys!!!

There are a number of vintage boats at the marina.. unlike my neighborhood where all of the houses were cookie cutter townhouses with the only distinction being the color of the brick and whether they had two or three bedrooms,  these boats have wonderful and unique character.

boat 4boat 8boat 9boat 10boat 5boat 7

Perhaps the highlight of the evening was the time we spent talking with the couple who lives aboard this boat, along with their dog and two cats!boat 3_193951boat 2

Like us, they are working on the island this summer.. but their living arrangement is just a tad cooler than ours!

Life at Mound Desert Campground has been great this summer…  this past week we had a staff potluck with a Mexican theme…  so much good food!

food 1this is just one of two tables filled with food…

food 2not only does Barbara have talent with constructing salad,  but she also has a wonderful green thumb..  I could not pass up taking a photo of the color in her garden on this, yet another beautiful moring in Maine!


Early Summer Highlights


The camping season is in full swing – there are two very popular spaces at Mount Desert Campground –  lots of activity at the floats…  crabbing, swimming,  and boating.   The kids can keep busy for hours down here!   The other space is the Gathering Place –  coffee and donuts in the morning, ice cream in the evening…  it is definitely the place to meet other campers!

Our campers tend to be a friendly bunch – often leaving firewood behind for the next occupants when they leave, but sometimes they go a step further.   Here are examples of the good will that campers share with each other.


sculpture 1

It has been a busy summer, so we are not getting to venture out on trails very much, but we did find time to visit one of our favorite bakeries on the island!


from our point of view, Cookies is an example of life in Maine at its finest!

We are also getting to enjoy one of the favorite Maine pastimes –  wild blueberries!    There are some home made blueberry pies in the near future!


Even though it is a bit of a different summer, we are loving life… more to come!