Early Summer Highlights


The camping season is in full swing – there are two very popular spaces at Mount Desert Campground –  lots of activity at the floats…  crabbing, swimming,  and boating.   The kids can keep busy for hours down here!   The other space is the Gathering Place –  coffee and donuts in the morning, ice cream in the evening…  it is definitely the place to meet other campers!

Our campers tend to be a friendly bunch – often leaving firewood behind for the next occupants when they leave, but sometimes they go a step further.   Here are examples of the good will that campers share with each other.


sculpture 1

It has been a busy summer, so we are not getting to venture out on trails very much, but we did find time to visit one of our favorite bakeries on the island!


from our point of view, Cookies is an example of life in Maine at its finest!

We are also getting to enjoy one of the favorite Maine pastimes –  wild blueberries!    There are some home made blueberry pies in the near future!


Even though it is a bit of a different summer, we are loving life… more to come!


One comment on “Early Summer Highlights

  1. Cort says:

    I found five or six ripe blueberries up near the summit of Dorr Mountain the other day! More to come…

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