Living on an Island

Ok.. so there is a bridge, and, if you blink, you might not even realize that you have crossed over to an island, but  we do live on an island in Maine, and from the time that I first visited the state more than a couple of decades ago, I thought that it would be pretty cool to live here on an island… and I was right!

We are 14 miles from Bath, the closest town Center and a great place to visit – nice library – great cafe  – and a warm downtown feeling.   And we are getting to know some folks  where we live in Georgetown.   The Robinhood Meeting House  has an open mic every Tuesday – a small but supportive crowd of musicians who have graciously encouraged me to perform my rather limited ukulele  repertoire !

But the focus of this post is water..   living on an island means constantly being reminded that we are surrounded by water.. as a guy whose fascination with boats took root at a very early age,  that is totally cool!  With some regularity, I  have the opportunity to look up from whatever task I may be tackling to check out various boats making their way past the property.   I guess I am in my element 🙂

Over Thanksgiving we hosted a few different sets of friends, and we spent time sharing the natural beauty of our town with them..

We are about 12 minutes from  Reid State Park which boasts one of the nicest beaches in the state  (although, the folks who frequent Popham beach , just across the kennebec river, might argue that fact)…   the day we visited the ocean was pretty rough…

reid st pk 1

reid st pk 2

we also visited Phippsburg  where Popham Beach is located… at low tide you can make your way out to a small rock island.. we timed our visit so that we could visit the island

popham beach 1 this was taken from the little island.. not much time to visit it…

popham beach 2this is the sandy area that is only exposed at low tide… lots of rocky areas off shore!

We also visited  Morse Mtn,  a preserve in Phippsburg  that includes a  mile hike into the beach..

Morse mtn 1

morse mtn 2

a beautiful, quiet spot where you will run into like minded outdoor enthusiasts who are willing to endure  the opportunity to hike to the beach!

and finally..  a pic from home..  our friend Kreg  looked out the window around  15 minutes before sunset and commented that he did not think that the the sky held much potential  for  a nice picture…  what a difference 15 minutes can make!

robinhood cove

We are certainly beginning to feel settled..   our cars now bear Maine registration plates and we have Maine driver’s licenses in our wallets…   We have books on the shelves from the Georgetown library ( which closes for the winter and encourages folks to take a bunch of books for the winter) ,  and we are beginning to recognize some of our neighbors..    And soon, we will be in the midst of a Maine winter..  nothing like that to earn our spot in the community..  although, we will be forever  “from away”