Time to get out the cross country skis

When we were first given a tour around the property here in Georgetown, my mind raced ahead to winter and saw wonderful opportunities for cross country skiing..   and now, here we are..  with beautiful snow all around  and some neighbors with the same idea.. how nice is that.. they actually broke a trail earlier in the day.. all we needed to do was follow!ski 1heading out to the trail…

ski 2this is a road in the summer, but we do not plow it in the winter..  a natural setting for ski trails…

ski 3nothing like a little downhill to get one excited..  great as long as we stay out of the ditches along the sides!

ski 4turn around spot..  great place to stop and take in the view no matter what time of year…

ski 5headed back towards the meadow…  and home in the distance…

ski 6our effort was rewarded with pretty light from the sunset – taken from our deck….  well, not exactly.. we could have skipped the exercise , made a cup of tea and sat down and watched the very same sunset.. but it would not have felt quite so good!


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