The first Spring Weekend!

f1Here is a sure sign that spring has arrived on Georgetown Island!   It is  also confirmation that our time spent last fall  digging and planting bulbs was very well spent..     What joy a simple daffodil can bring to one’s spirit after a long, snowy winter!

We were fortunate to be able to spend this weekend in a number of constructive ways..   spending time  performing actual work around the property is certainly rewarding, and we accomplished some of that..   walking  the trails is another, and we did that last evening as the sun was setting..

Riding our bikes to Reid State Park was another..  How cool is it that we can ride our bikes to the ocean.   It is about an 11 mile round trip ride..    and totally worth it..

b1we are looking forward to swimming here this summer… well, at least one of us is looking forward to that..

b2it is also a great  place to take a picnic lunch..

b3or to just go and sit on the rocks and watch the surf..

This evening we took advantage of  the calm waters of  Robinhood Cove  and spent some time kayaking – this was our first outing here in kayaks.   It was a very different look than our beach day yesterday, but just as beautiful …


There were lots of  loons out and about…

k3 but I need to take an actual camera next time so that I can zoom in on them better…

k2 these are the bones of an old schooner that was left to rot in the mud many years ago..  apparently, a common practice when a ship had worn out its usefulness.   This one is just a short distance up the cove from where we are living…

k1headed back home  as the mist begins to settle on the water…

Yesterday we  also enjoyed come community spirit at the  monthly potluck dinner that is held at the community center just down the road… what a great way to get to meet our neighbors..

and to top it all off, after we stopped at the  town dump… or transfer station as it is now called,  we headed out to  Kennebec Point Road  to see if we could see eagles ( acting on  a tip that we got from a friend at the dinner last night)  and we were delighted to spot 6 of them!   Something tells me that we will be visiting that spot on a regular basis in the future…     That just might be the destination for our next bike ride.

All in all, it was a  productive and fun packed weekend..  with all that life has to offer, who has time for work????


The Lambs at Chewonki

The ewes at Chewonki are now  proud mothers…  the prize goes to the one who had 4 lambs all by herself!    I imagine that was a long day for her…    It certainly is a special time for the  Maine Coast Semester students and the Chewonki elementary students  to participate in the feeding and care of the new lambs.   It is also yet another sign that spring has arrived,  even if we continue to deal with some cold nightly temps..   lamb4 this little guy will never know that his picture is available to the entire world through this blog post!

lamb1 I guess that the moms know which lambs belong to them..  but I did observe two of them butting heads as one  seemed to be protecting  her little one…

lamb3these guys seem to be getting along pretty well..  maybe our politicians could learn a lesson or two if they spent a few hours on the farm at Chewonki!


nothing like a mid afternoon nap!      The spring semester is well past the half way mark – only about 4 weeks of classes left before the students spend a week working on there capstone projects..  and then very quickly the semester will draw to a close.    My hope is that I will get to spend some quality time on the farm during that time.    It has been a gift to be able to spend this semester teaching at Maine Coast Semester..  I have met some new and interesting friends,  and I have had a chance to work with some great students.

But,  it is just about time to turn full attention to the work here in Georgetown with a number of exciting projects coming out way..  more on that in the coming weeks!


Is Spring Here?

We have experienced a few warm days and the sun is certainly climbing higher in the sky each day..  but last night it snowed ..  so,  is it really time for spring in Georgetown?    Even though there are still patches of snow in the deep shadows, there are indisputable signs that winter has lost its grip.  first flowers 1

Just the other day, I noticed this flowers popping up around some new apple trees that we planted last fall.    We also planted a couple hundred bulbs, and these were the first to show themselves.

icesickles I took this photo this afternoon –  a very shady spot that is holding on, but which won’t last too many more days…

And  this is  the most surprising thing that we spotted today..   our first snake of the season!


it was a beautiful day today, and actually, the sun felt nice and warm..  I guess this fellow thought so too!    Yup.. spring is here!


We took advantage of the nice day and joined some neighbors  to do some community service by doing trail maintenance on the trail that we hiked last week which is located behind the Historical Society in Georgetown.  There were quite a few trees down on the trail, and some significant clean up was in order ..  always more fun when sharing the workload with friends…    here is a pic of Janet on the bridge which marks the end of the Georgetown trail and the beginning of the  Josephine Newman Audubon Sanctuary.    We are so fortunate to have access to the outdoors through many  preserves on the island..  lots more exploring to do this year..

janet on the briddge

After we finished our trail work this morning, we shared some cookies with our friends before saying goodbye and returning home for a lunch of left over pizza, and then we put the boots back on and set out to do trail work here  at home..   Lots of trees came down here as well, so there was plenty of chainsaw work to be done – and some still remains for another day.      After dinner we were treated to a spectacular sunset…  What a great way to spend a Saturday in Georgetown!

What is new?

Considering the fact that it has been quite a while since I last added to this blog, the answer to that question is –  quite a lot!    But  there is only one answer if the question happens to be “Has anything exciting happened recently?” ..

Wren on erik's lap

If you think that the answer is that my son has lost even more hair..   nope..  but how about that new baby grand daughter that he is holding.. her name is Wren,  and she is quite the cutie!   This was taken yesterday – my second visit to see Wren –  what a wonderful way to  spend Easter..     Her cousin, Maris, lives close by, and we expect that they will have an opportunity to grow up together and to enjoy one another’s company.

Spring has arrived in Georgetown.. at least that is what we think..  all of a sudden the snow is gone, and the day light is noticeably longer.. and folks are smiling…    so Saturday was a great day, beginning with a leisurely breakfast followed by a trip  into the village..  first to the Post Office  and then to the transfer station, where, once again, we might have actually loaded more things into the car than we actually deposited there..   so many treasures!

Then we stopped at the Historical Society where we chatted with the folks who make things happen in the building..  checked out the new display .. and then set off on the trail behind the Historical Society building..    it was a great day for a hike.. no bugs yet.. hopefully, no ticks either..   the trail runs along the back end of  Robinhood Coveghs trail 2

We can reach this area by kayak when the tide is right…  it is on our list of things to do this summer…

GHS trail 1

the trail is nicely maintained, but  there is definitely some spring clean up to be done..  chain saw required!

ghs trail 3

the trail passed by a very old cemetery..

After the hike, we returned home and prepared for the  monthly potluck that is held at the community center..  we brought a chocolate cake this time around..    it was a smaller crowd, but  lots of good conversation and lots of good food!

brunswick march

last week we went to the march for our lives rally  in Brunswick..   it was a moving experience  –  great to see and hear  students speaking…   it felt good to support them, but I was a little disappointed at not seeing more students in the march itself…

five islands walk

We have been talking about how close we are to the wharf at  five islands harbor..  earlier this week we decided to walk there..   all told, it  is about  1.75 miles  one way ..   we had the road to ourselves..   it will be even better this summer when we can reward ourselves with an ice cream cone  at the wharf 🙂

snow 101

not  all that long ago..  this is what it looked like around here…  very beautiful…  but we are ready to see the robins return,  fresh spring green leaves, and boats on the cove!    thanks for stopping by..  any questions?  jt