There really is going to be a house in Phippsburg!

house 2

The going has been a little slower than I expected, but then, that is the story of my life!   Progress is being made, however, and one of the big steps was getting temporary power set up 🙂

temp power

it is so much nicer to not have to fire up the generator every time I want to make a cut or each time the compressor calls for more air.   And even better than that, I will get to listen to my favorite oldies radio show   WJTO  –   an uncommon station with a great mix of oldies that extends back to the 1930’s.

Yesterday I completed the walls and sheathing.   it is beginning to look like a house – a roof will make it look even better, and, more important that that, keep it dry!

house walls

At some point, this will be our little cottage in Phippsburg – for now, it is an ongoing project that is generating a ton of satisfaction.   The goal is to get it closed in so that we can work on the interior over the winter months.

And,  in the meantime, we are enjoying life in Georgetown with our little friends who bird

visit throughout the day!  We have some good human friends there as well  🙂

if you can’t  post questions for comments, you can reach me at  jt

2 comments on “There really is going to be a house in Phippsburg!

  1. Cort says:

    Looks like you two are making great progress on that new house. Glad you got your electricity, and that you’ll make much more progress inside during the winter months. I am looking forward to seeing it in real life one of these days!

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