last year’s bear

last year's bear

this is for Flo, who is crazy about bears! You can see the bird feeder hanging above the window.. well, the bear spied it too.. climbed up the scaffolding ( i have yet to build the stairs to the deck ) and tried his hardest to get the feeder.. This was a curious bear, with that white necklace.. He ended up settling for our compost bucket which he dragged off into the woods. I am afraid that he was a bit disappointed with the few scraps that were in it…


our new neighbor

our new neighbor

Well, what would one expect when moving to Bear Creek Township? While I was off exploring Monhegan Island, my wife sent me this pic. Apparently, this guy showed up around 8 am and hung around the house for a while.. then he headed up the hill toward the neighbor at the end of our drive. We had a bear visit us last summer as well, but he was much smaller.. he was on our back deck.. Yesterday morning we saw a doe with her fawn, and last night, while kayaking on Brady’s Lake, we saw a very active beaver who slapped his tail and dove at least 4 times.. he was a big one! We are really enjoying this living in the country!