Lehigh Gorge Trail


My wife took the initiative to  organize an 18 mile bike ride on the Lehigh Gorge Trail.   She sent out an email at school inviting all faculty and staff  as well as students in the outdoor club to join us  on Sunday.    A few took the offer seriously and made the effort to come along!    We figured that even if one couple joined us it would be a success. In fact, we had a total of 6 folks joining us for the ride. DSC01303

I tried to do some research on the trail which is, indeed, a rail trail now called the D and L trail. It begins in White Haven and ends in Bristol ( near Philadelphia) for a total of 165 miles.

http://www.delawareandlehigh.org/ this is a link to the trail website which is very informative. Someday we would like to take a week and do the entire route, camping along the way. But, for now, we are happy to enjoy the first segment which is located just 20 minutes from our home. The path that we frequent is well maintained and absolutely beautiful as it follows the Lehigh River, a popular river for rafting and kayaking as well as for fishing. DSC01304

We were impressed with the number of people that we encountered on the trail. It is wonderful to see it get a lot of use. We are hoping that our next event will be a hike at the Bear Creek Preserve in two weeks. Perhaps more of our colleagues will take an interest since no special equipment is involved. Our plan this year is to offer outdoor opportunities on at least a monthly basis to the school community with the intent of involving as many folks, both faculty and students, as possible.