Apple Cider Time!

cpgrindinglast year we dropped by the neighbors for a quick visit during there cider pressing weekend..  and we immediately made the decision to return for the full day this year.. so glad that we did!     If you study the picture above, you will quickly figure out that this is no ordinary cider pressing operation.   In fact , the entire set up is based around using bikes and people power to drive the machines at each step of the process.   In the picture above, two cyclists are working together to run the machine that chops up the apples..

The apples that are being loaded into the hopper have just come through a washing process that is operated by a single cyclist.    cppresing I have to apologize for the lack of clarity in this pic..  i was riding the bike as i took the picture…  this is the station that does two things..  it provides the power to operate the pump which presses the cider.. and it also  runs the grinder that you see in the foreground..   what is the purpose of grinding corn when running a cider press?   you  might ask..

cplunch can’t answer that question at the moment because it is lunch time!   you will note that this is no small operation..  lots of folks show up for what has become an annual event.. people from California, Michigan, and lots from Massachusetts where Ben, the inventive mind behind all of these machines, went to school..   who would have imagined  that a degree from MIT could lead to a story like this!

While lots of folks were sorting, and washing, and crushing , and pressing apples,  a few were busy preparing a huge pot of vegetable stew  and when “lunch time”  was called, there were a lot of grateful, hungry people ready to eat..  note the use of a cooler to keep the stew hot…  great idea….

cpciderthe effort proves to be well worth it..   there will be cider for everyone to take home…   this is a wonderful example of community gathering and working together for the common good…  nothing like it to generate a sense of camaraderie and satisfaction  and well-being..

During the afternoon, a small group has been working in the back of the barn..  preparing a huge pot of chili ,  apple crisp, and , perhaps you have guessed it,  corn bread!   Now you know the “rest of the story”  as Paul Harvey would say..    not only did we grind corn, but also rye which went into the corn bread as well…


CPdinnerTime to celebrate a job well done..  and to eat lots of chili , cornbread and  apple crisp.. with fresh cider to boot…

I can’t make a lot of predictions for the year 2019, but I sure can tell you what we will be doing towards the end of October  a year from now 🙂      Thanks to our neighbors, Emily and David for sharing this opportunity with us…   Life is good in Georgetown!

Reid State Park – Georgetown Maine


We have been evaluating life on Georgetown recently… one of the items that is surely on  the positive side is the fact that we are  just 10 minutes away from Reid State Park which happens to be an awesome gateway to the ocean..   ( also a wonderful bike ride when the weather is conducive ).

Today we went to the transfer station – formally known as the dump –  this is at least a weekly social event here on Georgetown as it is elsewhere in New England – but maybe we will leave that for another post sometime!   On the way home we decided to swing by the wharf at Five Islands – I did not take any pictures there, but we were greeted with  the scene of waves crashing around the islands and immediately decided to head to the beach.   We were not disappointed.   I wish that I was able to load movie clips on this blog – the waves were the biggest that I have seen in our time here on the island..


huge pieces of driftwood were strewn all over the beach..  not the kind that one would collect for a bonfire, but instead, the kind that would demolish the bow of a fast moving boat!


somewhere out there in that large breaking wave there are two surfers –  as we made our way down to them  we watched as the front half of one of there surf boards washed up on the beach..  they were Colby students, and I think it would be fair to say that they had been pretty beaten up on their ride in.    I don’t believe that the one whose board was still intact had any desire to head back out in the water!

It was a great day to visit the beach – a wonderful reminder of how fortunate we are to be able to live on Georgetown Island…

Summer 2018 – where did it go??

s1Sometimes I get to the end of summer and lament the fact that I fell short of reaching the goals that I had set for myself at the end of spring..  I almost caught myself doing it again, but putting together this blog post has made  me realize that we actually packed quite a bit into the last three months.   The picture above was taken at the wharf at Five Islands – it was the opening weekend of  5 Islands lobster company, and it seems like forever ago!

s2On of our jobs last fall was to plant bulbs around the meadow and along the stone walls..  these lasted a long time and brought us a great deal of pleasure…  perhaps this photo pre-dated the actual summer.. but it needed to be here just the same!

s3an early summer project.. the big brother to the shed that I built at the campground two years ago..  we needed a place to stuff some stuff!

s4 perhaps we did not use the kayaks as often as we would have liked, but we did have some great paddles –  early morning and later evening when Robinhood Cove was still…

s5it wouldn’t be summer without strawberry shortcake!

s6sailing on Boston Harbor in the evening with a friend… what a treat that was…

s7sitting on a bench in Harvard Yard, watching prospective students take tours…

s8Tuesday evening  open mic sessions at the Robinhood Meeting House…

s9enjoying a visit with friends from our old neighborhood in PA.. just had to take them to Pemiquid Point…

s10an evening sail out of Boothbay Harbor  on the schooner Eastwind ..  there actually wasn’t an easterly wind that night..  in fact, very little wind from any direction.. but so pleasant just the same…

s11cleaning oysters.. that is what one does when living at an oyster farm!   the work can be a bit tedious , but the view is awesome and there is usually company and stimulating conversation…

s12a visit to MacMahan Island.. just a hop skip and jump from the landing on Georgetown, but it is a bit like going back in time….

s13enjoying views of sailboats, eagles, herons  and seals from the deck..

s14spending time with family.. this is my grand daughter, Wren,  enjoying her very first concert.. Old Crow Medicine Show  at the L L  Bean outdoor concert series…  oh yea.. that is my son Erik too 🙂

s15 a visit with Aunt Sue and Uncle Allen..  and dinner at 5 Islands on a foggy evening…

s16a few stops at Round Top Ice Cream in  Damariscotta …  we found that  we can buy their ice cream by the half gallon at a local ice cream shop..  total pleasure….

s17Watching my step daughter, Aria,  interact with my grandson, Maris, and his new friend, Willa…

s18visits to Reid State Park – just a few miles down the road..  a favorite destination…

s19 sunsets over Robinhood Cove  from the porch…

s20using very local materials to build a raised bed for a garden for next year…

s22adding trim and cedar shingles to  the barn that was raised on the property this summer…

s21it wouldn’t be summer without peach shortcake either!


s24it is exciting to be able to begin harvesting tomatoes from the garden, but, at least in Maine, that also signals the end of summer… out of nowhere, Labor Day was upon us.. and just like that the traffic will begin to diminish as the summer visitors return home..

It has been a productive summer…  and the barn work will continue well into the fall..   there is plenty to do to prepare for winter..  more firewood to split and move ..  painting to fit in before the temperature drops too much..   and planning ahead for next summer.. who knows what opportunities will present themselves!  I hope you all had a wonderful summer too – would love to hear about it..

Five Islands Lobster Company


Five Islands Lobster Co opened this weekend – I guess that the season has officially begun!     For the next month or so, it is only open on weekends, and the menu is limited, but  opening day deserved some attention, so we  went down and  enjoyed some french fries ( missed the chowder since we got there late in the day)   and the view.

When we pulled up, I pointed out the fog bank that appeared to be way off in the distance.     We placed our order and Janet picked up  an application –  just for the fun of it…   and I took another picture.


is it my imagination, or does that fog bank hiding behind the islands getting closer….

We enjoyed our french fries with lots of ketsup..  and then Janet got down to the business of filling out the application –  nothing like  a summer job that one can bike to!

And then I looked up…


I wish that I had a video showing just how fast the fog was moving in.. it was a sight to see..


From clear and sunny to    grey, and misty in a matter of just six  minutes….   mariners beware!


wasn’t there an island over there just a minute ago?

Do you remember filling out your first job application?   Turning it in with all sorts of anticipation and hearing ” We will let you know if anything is available..”   or some such response.

Janet turned in her application  ( with just a little french fry  grease on it) , met the owner and had a job in 5 minutes..  faster than it took for the fog to roll in..  she starts next Saturday..

The first Spring Weekend!

f1Here is a sure sign that spring has arrived on Georgetown Island!   It is  also confirmation that our time spent last fall  digging and planting bulbs was very well spent..     What joy a simple daffodil can bring to one’s spirit after a long, snowy winter!

We were fortunate to be able to spend this weekend in a number of constructive ways..   spending time  performing actual work around the property is certainly rewarding, and we accomplished some of that..   walking  the trails is another, and we did that last evening as the sun was setting..

Riding our bikes to Reid State Park was another..  How cool is it that we can ride our bikes to the ocean.   It is about an 11 mile round trip ride..    and totally worth it..

b1we are looking forward to swimming here this summer… well, at least one of us is looking forward to that..

b2it is also a great  place to take a picnic lunch..

b3or to just go and sit on the rocks and watch the surf..

This evening we took advantage of  the calm waters of  Robinhood Cove  and spent some time kayaking – this was our first outing here in kayaks.   It was a very different look than our beach day yesterday, but just as beautiful …


There were lots of  loons out and about…

k3 but I need to take an actual camera next time so that I can zoom in on them better…

k2 these are the bones of an old schooner that was left to rot in the mud many years ago..  apparently, a common practice when a ship had worn out its usefulness.   This one is just a short distance up the cove from where we are living…

k1headed back home  as the mist begins to settle on the water…

Yesterday we  also enjoyed come community spirit at the  monthly potluck dinner that is held at the community center just down the road… what a great way to get to meet our neighbors..

and to top it all off, after we stopped at the  town dump… or transfer station as it is now called,  we headed out to  Kennebec Point Road  to see if we could see eagles ( acting on  a tip that we got from a friend at the dinner last night)  and we were delighted to spot 6 of them!   Something tells me that we will be visiting that spot on a regular basis in the future…     That just might be the destination for our next bike ride.

All in all, it was a  productive and fun packed weekend..  with all that life has to offer, who has time for work????


What is new?

Considering the fact that it has been quite a while since I last added to this blog, the answer to that question is –  quite a lot!    But  there is only one answer if the question happens to be “Has anything exciting happened recently?” ..

Wren on erik's lap

If you think that the answer is that my son has lost even more hair..   nope..  but how about that new baby grand daughter that he is holding.. her name is Wren,  and she is quite the cutie!   This was taken yesterday – my second visit to see Wren –  what a wonderful way to  spend Easter..     Her cousin, Maris, lives close by, and we expect that they will have an opportunity to grow up together and to enjoy one another’s company.

Spring has arrived in Georgetown.. at least that is what we think..  all of a sudden the snow is gone, and the day light is noticeably longer.. and folks are smiling…    so Saturday was a great day, beginning with a leisurely breakfast followed by a trip  into the village..  first to the Post Office  and then to the transfer station, where, once again, we might have actually loaded more things into the car than we actually deposited there..   so many treasures!

Then we stopped at the Historical Society where we chatted with the folks who make things happen in the building..  checked out the new display .. and then set off on the trail behind the Historical Society building..    it was a great day for a hike.. no bugs yet.. hopefully, no ticks either..   the trail runs along the back end of  Robinhood Coveghs trail 2

We can reach this area by kayak when the tide is right…  it is on our list of things to do this summer…

GHS trail 1

the trail is nicely maintained, but  there is definitely some spring clean up to be done..  chain saw required!

ghs trail 3

the trail passed by a very old cemetery..

After the hike, we returned home and prepared for the  monthly potluck that is held at the community center..  we brought a chocolate cake this time around..    it was a smaller crowd, but  lots of good conversation and lots of good food!

brunswick march

last week we went to the march for our lives rally  in Brunswick..   it was a moving experience  –  great to see and hear  students speaking…   it felt good to support them, but I was a little disappointed at not seeing more students in the march itself…

five islands walk

We have been talking about how close we are to the wharf at  five islands harbor..  earlier this week we decided to walk there..   all told, it  is about  1.75 miles  one way ..   we had the road to ourselves..   it will be even better this summer when we can reward ourselves with an ice cream cone  at the wharf 🙂

snow 101

not  all that long ago..  this is what it looked like around here…  very beautiful…  but we are ready to see the robins return,  fresh spring green leaves, and boats on the cove!    thanks for stopping by..  any questions?  jt

Gotta love the snow!

snow 1We were not the only crazy ones to decide that a visit to the beach on a windy winter day was a good idea.   My step daughter, Aria, is visiting us for the first time, and we want to share the sights and sounds of Georgetown with her.   We were not all that surprised to find at least half a dozen cars in the parking lot at Reid State Park – it is a popular spot year round.    The setting is quite amazing.

snow 2The wind was blowing pretty hard, so we did not stick around too long.. just long enough to take some pics and to soak in some of the beauty…


and to play in the driftwood hut 🙂

snow 4

Aria is already talking about another visit during the summer…

Time to get out the cross country skis

When we were first given a tour around the property here in Georgetown, my mind raced ahead to winter and saw wonderful opportunities for cross country skiing..   and now, here we are..  with beautiful snow all around  and some neighbors with the same idea.. how nice is that.. they actually broke a trail earlier in the day.. all we needed to do was follow!ski 1heading out to the trail…

ski 2this is a road in the summer, but we do not plow it in the winter..  a natural setting for ski trails…

ski 3nothing like a little downhill to get one excited..  great as long as we stay out of the ditches along the sides!

ski 4turn around spot..  great place to stop and take in the view no matter what time of year…

ski 5headed back towards the meadow…  and home in the distance…

ski 6our effort was rewarded with pretty light from the sunset – taken from our deck….  well, not exactly.. we could have skipped the exercise , made a cup of tea and sat down and watched the very same sunset.. but it would not have felt quite so good!