Fall Baking


It seems as though I am always baking in preparation for a trip to the boat 🙂  In fact, these won’t be around that long.   Tomorrow afternoon we head out to NJ to cover the boat which has already been pulled for the season.   It is a sad time, particularly since we did not spend as much time on the water as we had hoped to this year.    But, it will be a fun trip, a mini get away – who can complain about that! 

Periodically, I get a craving for apple dumplings, but never quite as often or as strong as in the fall, of course.   I usually like Macs.. I like they way that they cook up and get soft.  But this time there are Macouns ( a macintosh – jersey black cross developed in NY in the 1930’s)   hiding behind that wonderful crust.    In my younger days, one of them would have already disappeared, but the mature, self-disciplined older guy that I am  will wait for my wife  to come home so that we can share the tastes of fall together.   I enjoy mine warmed in the micro wave with milk poured over it.   I rarely eat one without being flooded by memories of  ordering them for desert at Meyer’s  Restaurant in Quakertown PA  back in the 70’s.    Meyer’s  is no longer there, and that is a shame.  My folks and I enjoyed many fine meals and great family time there.   Perhaps the nostalgia is stemming from the Pandora channel that I happen to be listening to this afternoon.. lots of Carpenters,  Bread,  Carly Simon, America..    what great music..  baking apple dumplings make the house smell great….she better get home soon!