Goodbye Summer 2018


One of the projects that I worked on this past summer was this deck in the front of the cottage that we all home – at least for the summer… We have actually had a number of  mosquito-less mornings and evenings to enjoy on the deck..   but just last week we began the move from this cottage to the one where we will be spending the winter.. our second in Georgetown.

During the past few weeks we have enjoyed the opportunity to get on our road bikes  Our first ride was to Reid state park.  it is just 6 miles away, the the distance suited us just fine for the time of day that we left.   I did not have my phone on the ride, so no pics to share.  But we did get to explore the Todd’s point beach for the first time.. it is about a mile beyond the beach that is closer to the park entrance.

Our second ride was the park loop road at Acadia.. we took a day trip up to Mt Desert to visit our friends at the Mt Desert Campground.   It was a beautiful day and so enjoyable to visit for former colleagues there.   The ride around the loop is about 22 miles… It was crowded – and traffic was heavy till we got beyond Thunder Hole.. but after that the roadway was pretty easy to negotiate… These are some pics from that ride…



we had a packed lunch along with us, and stopped at this turnout to eat…




We have so many fond memories of the 3 seasons that we spent working at Mt Desert Campground…   a beautiful spot to live and to play!

Our most recent cycling trip was on Westport Island..  the tip of the island is only a mile or so away from where we live..  but it is about a 45 minute drive to get there by car.   We decided to park at Norm’s used car sales and to ride from there..   that made it about a 22 mile drive.    Westport Island is off of rt 1 near Wiscasset.. you really will only end up there if you are intending to go there..  it is a quite town with very few businesses, so the traffic was fairly light compared with the road down to Georgetown.   It was a great afternoon.. beautiful weather..  nice road surface..  a perfect ride.    We met some folks along the way – talked about life on Westport Island..  and even made plans to return the following Monday evening for  pizza at the  Squire TarBox Inn!    I have just a couple of pics from the ride..

a beautiful example of New England architecture..

fp3and a place to buy our next pie…


Some of the other pics that I took did not turn out so well…   the  pizza on Monday night was delicious..  there was a band playing some blues music , and a nice crowd of locals who obviously appreciate the opportunity to have a place to socialize on what is otherwise a very quiet island..

Another trip that we took recently was to Monhegan Island.. this was not a trip for bikes, but rather, an opportunity to do some great hiking..   A few years ago I posted about a trip to Monhegan with some students…  this was Janet’s first visit.   The weather report called for a foggy morning  which would clear with sunny skies by afternoon..  that never happened, but it was perfectly ok.. we enjoyed  the mystique that began with a 10 mile boat ride through the fog.. to land on this small island, known for its appeal to artists..    it is certainly an experience!

fp9this is a shot looking down on the landing.. there is a great little cafe there  where we got a sandwich and soup while waiting for the boat on our return…

we headed out on what I suspect is the typical hiking pattern of a counter clockwise direction around the island.. fp12

the hiking is great.. lots of cliffs on the east side of the island..  it can be pretty dramatic..


we made it a good way around the island and then headed back to the village via the Cathedral Woods trail..   we picked this one because it is known for its fairy houses..



it is so neat to see the creativity that folks put into their creations…

On the way back, the boat captain took us close to some shoals where seals like to  rest on the rocks..   we saw a bunch of them… and then we filled out a customer satisfaction survey on the boat, lured by the prospect of winning a free trip.. which we never win..  except, wait.. Janet Thatcher.. yup.. she won.. looks like we will be heading back next year!


I just took this photo yesterday..  the light of summer is gone… fall is definitely in the air, even though we still have a number of beautiful days ahead of us… we know what is coming, and it is time to prepare..  maybe a little more wood for the stove ( there are still some standing dead oaks around)   putting the summer clothes in bins and getting the warmer ones out… finishing up some painting projects while we still have some warm air…  all in all,  Life is good in Maine!      comments or questions?     email me at

Monhegan Island – what a pretty house!

Monhegan Island - what a pretty house!

I have been off to Maine this past week with a group of students from my school. This was our fifth annual community service trip to Chewonki, a camp on the Maine coast in Wiscasset. We worked hard, lugging firewood, cleaning out the hay loft, painting a hallway, pulling thistle from the meadow, milking the cow, donning hip boots and wading into the frog pond to pull out the old docks, putting cedar shingles on an exterior wall, applying bottom paint to the sailboats and more.. it was an exhausting week, but collectively, these trips during the past five years have been the highlight of my career as a teacher.

For many of the students, the trip is their first to Maine. We do a lot more than simply work at the camp. We enjoy pizza on Ocean Point in East Boothbay, play mini golf, sample ice cream of often as possible, play games in the dining hall till lights out, visit small coastal towns ( this year we spent time in Bath and in Portsmouth NH). We had dinner at 5 Islands Lobster Company where a friendly fisherman from town gave me a tip on parking.. and, yesterday, we traveled to Monhegan Island. We had an absolutely glorious day.. not too hot.. clear as a bell.. we had to leave camp early to catch the 9 am boat out of New Harbor. The trip to the island is an hour in length. We saw a few porpoise on the way out.. Along with the students, this was my fist trip to the island.. it certainly will not be my last. I am including a few pics here, but there is so much to see. no cars.. just dirt roads and exciting trails along the perimeter and across the breadth of the island.. We spent the morning hiking, and we enjoyed visiting the shops in the village after lunch before catching the 3 pm boat back to the mainland. On the way in, we were fortunate to spot a seal sunning itself on the rocks…

I am already looking forward to making this a cruising destination next summer, once the boat is safe and sound in Maine.. all the more reason to get her in the water and her bow pointed north!

The kids had a great time all week, and it was so much fun to be with them. This is just the kind of experience that we older adults need to have in order to re-new our faith in the current generation!