A Productive Day

Image I have been looking forward to today since the weekend.   There were a number of students on board to help so we set up the walls that have been framed.   First we measured and laid down chalk lines to show us where the inside of the walls should end up.   And then we set up the longer wall, piece by piece.. you will see clamps where we put the sections together ( they are also screwed.)   After bracing both ends, we raised the end wall.   Of course, this is just to give us a rough idea of how things will look.  we will take a little more care when we are doing the final construction  at the orchard.   And, now for the next two walls!   It is going to be very neat to be able to walk around inside our house and to picture where things will go!    In fact, I already gave the kids a tour… it just takes a bit of imagination.ImageI am just about ready to move in  🙂