Sunday morning

This morning my wife and I traveled to the orchard to check out the spot for our tiny house that my brother-in-law recently recommended.   It just so happens that he has a 15×16  concrete pad at the back of his property – just the right size!    We can put the house there and still have a bit of concrete for a picnic table.  🙂

After that discussion,  I went to the shop to work on the house.  The goal for today was to cut out the scroll boards for the front of the house. ( the back will have regular, boring rake boards)    These boards  are clear  5/4  by  12 pine.   They cost $44 a piece,  so I measured 3 times!    I am pretty happy with how they turned out..  they surely will give the house some character!  


The students who have been helping me with the construction may be disappointed to find that the only thing left for them to do is to take apart what we have built so far so that we can move the house ( hopefully next weekend)    It is pretty exciting to be at this point!